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Your Help Brings Hope

We are very grateful to the Christians for coming to our village to bring help.

When a team of believers brought the first relief supplies to the Pamir Mountain region which had suffered from a mudslide, the people were overwhelmed by the willingness of the Christians to help.

It is this testimony of loving care which causes so much gratitude in the hearts of the Pamir people. They feel that with the relief goods they receive they are not forgotten, and that God cares for them through His children.

One man declared

“We are very grateful to the Christians for coming to our village to bring help”.

One of our Project70 missionaries sent us the following report:

‘We called for a love offering and made a special collection at our churches. We also received some help from our friends internationally and took a ministry team to Pamir to give some humanitarian help. We offered local citizens some food packages, building materials, clothes, and supplies. God gave us a wonderful opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am very grateful to the Lord that He is giving us the opportunity to visit Pamir to see His church established there!’

Teams are planning to pay another visit to Pamir and help people through various projects. In particular, they want to train the brothers in communication skills, teaching them to reach out more effectively to the local people.

We are very grateful for your partnership and support so that we could offer help to those in great need. Praise God that building materials were provided for 21 houses and food for 30 families.

Thank you for bringing hope to these people, so that even in the shadow of the Pamir peaks, the light of the Gospel shines ever stronger!

During the relief operation, the district administrator expressed his appreciation and gratitude. He emphasized that no one had provided such extensive help as the Christians during this current crisis.

Your prayers and generosity have made these initial relief efforts possible. Together we want to praise our Lord and continue to pray that He will bring fruit from our ministry in the Pamirs and that people will come to living faith in the living God.

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