To Russia in Faith

Marina, a former student of SGA’s Balti Mission school in Moldova answered God’s call to go to Russia as a missionary.
In the republic of Khakassia, in mid-south Russia, 29 year old Marina Tsapkova , a young woman of faith, is being used of God to bring light to spiritually dark people. A former student of SGA’s Balti Mission school in Moldova, she answered God’s call to go to Russia as a missionary.
Marina teaching at the Good News Club

Marina serves with churches in the city of Abakan, working with children and reaching out to young people through a monthly ‘Coffee & Life’ meeting. In another town, Chernogorsk, she leads a teens’ group for girls, with the aim of directing them to Jesus.

Marina (far right in image)

Marina organized a training course for young people’s leaders in Abakan, and twelve completed this course. Marina reports:

“After one seminar on how to preach the Gospel to children, God moved the hearts of several brothers to also participate in evangelism in the villages of Khakassia.”

Saturdays are outreach days. Marina and her team visit villages, distributing New Testaments and Scripture calendars. Doors are opening for regular visitation and witness. Last summer, missionary trips were made to new villages with programmes for both children and adults.

Saturday Outreach

A ten-day summer camp was organized in a beautiful place called Kubayka. Children, some from Marina’s Good News groups and Sunday schools, and others from villages where there is no church participated in the activities.

“God is great in what is happening in Khakassia and the neighbourhood thanks to your prayers and support.” says Marina

Marina is being financially supported by SGA, and her work is one of the ministries highlighted in SGA’s Phoebe Project.

Please Pray

For open hearts of families and young people to the Gospel.
For spiritual growth for Marina and her volunteers.
For more workers in God’s field in the Khakassia region.

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