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The Action Bible

Bill's desire is to reach four million children in Ukraine with the Action Bible New Testament.
‘In the life of a child, one Bible can change everything!’

Many years ago SGA missionary, Bill Kapitaniuk, had a dream that he could build a print shop in the former Soviet Union country of Ukraine. In July 1993 his dream amazingly became a reality, and the first copies of the colourful, illustrated book, Life of Christ, began rolling off his press in the city of Lutsk.

This printing press is still in operation, producing copies of the Scriptures. During the first twenty-five years of operation, over three thousand tons of paper were used to produce over fourteen million pieces of Gospel literature.

Bill, now in his 90s, continues to have a vision! His love for the next generation of children in Ukraine grows. His desire is to reach four million children in Ukraine with the Action Bible New Testament. Bill and his colleagues recently explained:

‘It will be printed and distributed in quantities of one hundred thousand. So far, we have distributed the first two hundred thousand copies.’  

This project is nearing another milestone with the 3rd print run of 100,000 copies planned, and thanks to Bill’s vision to build a print factory in Ukraine, each Action Bible will cost £1.

With your help SGA can support this amazing venture. A friend of Bill’s who recently visited war-torn east Ukraine, witnessed the effects of war:

‘Children have known nothing but fear, hopelessness, and violence. Their days are filled with the sounds of gunfire and shelling, and many of them go to bed hungry. In the midst of such hardship, precious boys and girls are losing hope for the future, because they have never heard of Jesus or His life-changing love. What a joy for me to stand…  and witness the excitement in their eyes as they received their very own copy of the Word of God.’

Pray that despite being surrounded by the brutal signs of war, the light and message of the Gospel will bring hope to children, young adults, and families.

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