Supporting Leaders

Leadership Support is provided for national Christians, who are called and equipped by God.

SGA quickly recognised that it wasn’t enough just to be involved in training leaders and church planters. Many of these these gifted people are faced with severe economic problems, so if they are to engage effectively in Christian ministry, some financial support has to be found. SGA offers assistance here, and working in partnership with the local denominational leadership, provides a proportion of the resources needed to enable many to continue in and be effective in their ministries.

As the work has grown so the variety of needs has widened. In cultures where buildings are essential for worship SGA has provided funds for new ‘Houses of Prayer’ to be made available to local fellowships. The provision of suitable vehicles to help church planters cover wide areas of ministry is a nother need that has been addressed.

Meeting such needs is challenging, but essential for the strengthening of the churches and their witness for the Saviour. It is also a means of great encouragement and blessing for the believers.