Three quick read articles! Giving you a 'Snapshot' of some of our ministries.

Article ONE

A Revived Faith

We thank you for supporting the ‘Power in Persecution’ programme … Our brothers and sisters always have to be on the watch. Persecution is very real in this part of the world and for that reason they need our support and prayers!

So began a recent correspondence with our partners in TWR as they reported on the necessity and value of this SGA sponsored radio programme.

This was reinforced by a listener telling the story of one family who had stopped going to church because of persecution. The listener visited them, gave them a radio and encouraged them to listen to the programmes. During their return visit, the listener spoke of a completely different atmosphere in the home. He said, ‘their faith was revived’ as it seemed each programme was specifically for them.

Praise God for this transformation and pray that many more will
be strengthened in their faith as they live for God in difficult circumstances.

Article TWO

No Known Believers

The Gospel opportunities open to those supported by SGA’s Project 70 appeal continue to be many and varied. Alexander Balagansky serves in Far East Russia, in a region close to Mongolia.

The Lord has given him a burden for two people groups, both of whom are Mongolian in origin. He continues to serve and pastor the church he has planted among the Buryat people, an officially unreached group with little Gospel witness. However, recently, he has felt challenged by the Lord to reach out to the Soyot people,
a group with no known believers.

Alexander faces many practical and spiritual challenges, but he is encouraged with the results of his most recent mission trip. He was able to initiate important relationships with key members of the community, including a local Shaman. He writes,

“Our goal is for these people to have a local cultural church with a sermon in their native language. We will be glad if you support us in prayer, and I think God will be glorified in our partnership.”

Article THREE

An Unusual Opportunity

There are times when the Lord opens up doors of opportunity in the most unusual of circumstances. In a recent international report, long-standing SGA partner Ivan Grozdanov, was recognized as one of the most influential scientists in North Macedonia. As a result, he and five other scientists were invited to a special reception which included the then President of N. Macedonia.

Ivan felt compelled to decline this invitation due to several government policies including their current education programme, which according to Ivan, ‘pushes the fluid gender theory and immoral views on sexual and marriage partnerships.’ He wrote about this on a social media platform and was surprised to learn his posts went viral and attracted the attention of larger media outlets.

Pray that Ivan will have more opportunities to explain the validity of Christian ethics and the truthfulness of the Gospel.

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