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Sending “More” Little Missionaries!

God has been providing through some very creative means!

The Mission recently launched an exciting project in partnership with Trans World Radio in Central Asia. ‘Sending Little Missionaries’ is all about providing and distributing small radios along with SD cards pre-programmed with Gospel material.

For many years TWR has used radio as an effective means to reach unbelievers, and to edify isolated Christians in restricted areas of Central Asia.

The goal of this project was to raise funds for 500 radio sets and SD cards at a cost of £25 per unit. God has been providing through some very creative means!

An exciting fundraising event for this project was held at Great Blakenham Baptist Church, Suffolk, on Saturday 7th August. Local businessman, Paul Bannister, of ‘Bannisters Sound Communications’ in Stowmarket, was so enthusiastic about the project, that he organised an event, displaying old radios along with a morse code demonstration for children, and other activities.

We are thankful to all who planned and attended this event and for those who donated so that 20 more radios can be circulated.

Paul with his radio collection

God has provided for this project beyond our expectations!  We are delighted to inform you that currently we can provide 1000 radio sets!  Praise God for this amazing provision!

Added to this, our funding of two radio programmes continues in Central Asia.  While two high powered radio transmitters are located outside Central Asia to help make the programmes accessible, programmes themselves are needed to keep this ministry alive! 

We are thankful for all your support for radio ministry in Central Asia.  Pray that God will help with the distribution of these radios and in this way sending ‘little missionaries’ to those who have never yet heard the Gospel.

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