Sending Little Missionaries

Providing Radios & SD Cards for Central Asia

The Mission Field

How do you share the Gospel in a Muslim dominated culture in which there are few churches, almost no permanent sources of witness, and where opposition to and restrictions of Christian believers are common?

Add to this the challenges of a central Asian rural context with limited internet access, a controlled media, and widespread antagonism to the Christian Gospel, and you end up with what appears to be a ‘mission impossible’. These seem almost insurmountable challenges which can only be conquered by faith, dedication and creativity. One means of ministry which has proved invaluable in overcoming these obstacles is that of Christian radio broadcasts. Even in the restrictive Central Asian context, people are free to listen to the radio all day long. However, many are unable to access these broadcasts because they either do not have radio sets or are unaware of the broadcasts and their availability.

The Mission Strategy

Trans World Radio (TWR) is committed to addressing these acute problems by various means.

Two high powered radio transmitters are located outside Central Asia which have the potential to reach almost 60 million listeners with the Gospel. To make these programmes accessible, TWR has begun a ministry of providing and distributing small radio receivers which also include SD cards pre-programmed with Gospel material. For many years, TWR has used radio as an effective and powerful instrument to reach unbelievers, and to encourage and build up isolated Christians.

This is how one missionary in Central Asia described the project:

“In places where there are no churches or where one would have to walk many miles to find another Christian family, the radio is their Pastor and Teacher. It goes with them where they go… Praise God for these ‘little missionaries’ that stay behind to proclaim God’s love after we leave.

The Mission Goals

In an exciting and potentially fruitful partnership, SGA is drawing alongside TWR to help finance and expand this ministry.

We are committed to raising the funds for 500 radio sets and SD cards at a cost of £25 per unit. This price covers the cost of the set, the provision of the SD cards, and the distribution of them. You can help us reach isolated communities and individuals in unreached regions by supporting this new project. Help buy a radio and in doing so, send ‘little missionaries’ to those who have never yet heard the glorious truth of the Gospel.

‘I came to know Christ through the radio’

The value of Christian broadcasts, radios and SD cards is powerfully illustrated by this touching testimony from a Central Asian believer.

“The situation in our town is very complex. Many people consider themselves Muslim such as my husband. I used to say to my friends that we are born as Muslims and die as Muslims. We cannot change our faith. Then I started to listen to your programmes, and I understood what it really means to believe. I came to know Christ through the radio. I cannot read the Bible at home because my husband could kill me or be violent. However, I have an SD card with the Bible programmes on it, so I can listen to them secretly.

Cost per unit:


includes a radio, pre-programmed SD cards and the costs of travelling and distributing the unit.

How to get involved?


  • Pray that God will use this means to encourage, bring hope, joy, and strength to believers, many of whom live in isolated locations.
  • Pray that many in hospitals will be blessed by hearing the Christian message.


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