Preventis is a Christian non-profit organisation founded in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2005. The initiative belonged to a small group of young professionals, consisting mainly of doctors and psychologists. Faced with 16 to 17 year old drug and alcohol addicts, they understood the serious consequences of substance abuse on young people but were also faced with the lack of specialised services.

The prevention of addiction in young people is an important strand of the work of Preventis. They create opportunities to speak about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and gambling. The School Anti-drug Prevention Programme provides drug awareness and education for thousands of young people each year.

Those youngsters for whom the prevention programme is too late are offered outpatient addiction counselling – individual, family therapy or support groups. Mentors meet one-to one with affected teenagers. The nationally recognised Preventis Addiction Basic Course provides training for psychologists and medical practitioners. Communism taught that addicts were weak, evil and useless to society. However, the course helps practitioners to focus on the person behind the addiction. One doctor who participated said, “The theories you can read from books but what I received here was a changed attitude towards the people suffering from addiction.”