Mary’s House

A few years ago, the Good News Foundation (GNF) in Orgovány, Hungary was left a substantial legacy. The desire expressed by the donor was that it should be used to support pregnant or young mothers facing challenging circumstances.
For a while it was unclear how best to do this but in 2019 Mary’s House was
founded. “Mary” was the name of the lady who left the gift.

Mary's House
Renata Vandlik, House Manager (right)

The house, which is situated close to the GNF headquarters, can accommodate up to 3 mothers and their children. Each has her own room with shared bathroom and kitchen. These women have had a variety of problems such as addiction, and may even have spent time in prison. Usually they have financial difficulties, and do not have a family around to support them.
The staff of Mary’s House offer counselling, support and encouragement. They work in partnership with official agencies, child protection bodies and pro-life foundations. The latter advise mothers who may be considering termination to go to Mary’s House and have their babies.