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Why Hope Centres?

The Spiritual Need
Predominantly Muslim culture
Suspicion of Christian influence
Government restrictions
The Physical Need
Many facing economic hardship
Families suffering in poverty
Alcohol & drug addiction
Leading to neglect / abuse of children

How do Hope Centres help?

While there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and each centre adapts to meet the needs of the local community all Hope Centres…

are Church based
provide a place of safety & refuge
enable children to stay or visit
meet the physical needs of those who come
teach key life skills
share the gospel with children, families & the community

Could You Commit To Help These Centres Continue Their Vital Work?


“We have worked alongside the church in taking care of three children, allowing them to stay at the Centre for an indefinite time. We couldn’t say ‘No’ to the church because the situation was critical.

The children were living on the streets in Dushanbe until we met them and took them to the Hope Centre. They lived on an abandoned construction site and were not eating every day. Both the mother and the stepfather were addicted to alcohol. The dad was getting food from refuse dumps, but he did not provide for the children. When we admitted them, the three of them were very happy. They said they couldn’t remember how long it had been since they had slept on a bed, eaten a hot meal, or worn a clean shirt.”


On average it costs


per day to care for a child at a Hope Centre

*this is an average as support costs vary from centre to centre

How to get involved?


  • That the different ministries of each Hope Centre would be a help and encouragement to many people, young and old.
  • That each Hope Centre would have the required financial resources for their ministries.


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