Praying for Ukraine

Some prayer points to guide you in your prayers
There are issues of particular concern to SGA and we underline these for your specific and continuing prayer.

Pray for the believers in Ukraine who in the midst of fatigue and hardship, daily serve the needs of people. Pray that they will not be discouraged but labour on for God’s glory.

Pray for Ukrainians cut off from their fellow countrymen by Russian occupation. May there be ways found to reach them and meet their needs. Pray that pastors in this situation would be able to bring comfort and hope to anguished hearts and minds.

Pray for the thirty-five missionary pastors in Ukraine who are part of SGA’s Leadership Support/Project70 programme. Some have had to relocate from their places of ministry due to disruptions, destruction, and death. Many are deeply involved in providing help and comfort to refugees, while others are evangelizing Ukrainian military personnel and distributing Bibles and Gospel literature.

Remember those that have no hope, who have never considered faith in Jesus. Pray that God in His abundant mercy will turn their hearts to Him that they may see God at work in their lives.

Praise God for the SGA funded teams of Christians going out to help repair people’s homes. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with fellow Ukrainians. Pray also that funds will be available for the building materials needed.

Pray for 120 extra Ukrainian missionary pastors who will receive financial assistants for at least three months. It is important that God’s servants are encouraged to stay in the country during these times when ministry and encouragement are vital.

Praise God for enabling Ukrainian churches to carry out effective evangelism and offer practical help during the time of the war, e.g. providing accommodation, meals, clothing, pastoral care and church services.

It is estimated that between 100 to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are dying daily. Pray for their loved ones: wives, sons & daughters, and parents. Pray that God’s comfort and peace will reach into their difficult circumstances.

Praise God that SGA supported local church leaders in Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland are continuing their acts of compassion and kindness to Ukrainian refugees. Ask God to renew their strength for this enormous task and ongoing commitment. May they also receive funds to continue to provide all that is needed.

Funds from SGA’s Widows’ Project have been sent to Ukraine. With the growing number of fatalities every day, the number of widows is dramatically increasing. Pray for pastors and church leaders who distribute the funds. May every encounter be guided and blessed by God.

Thank God for the generosity of faithful supporters who have made SGA’s ministry possible in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. We are acutely aware that our commitment will be needed ‘for the long haul’. May the Lord help us all as we continue together in this ministry.

Pray for the national leaders in Ukraine, especially President Zelensky, that they will be wise and seek godly counsel and direction and make good decisions. Pray that somehow, out of all this chaos and seemingly mindless violence and war, God will bring glory to Christ and blessing to His people.

Pray for the children and young people of Ukraine, in the light of what they have witnessed, and through the loss of family which some have experienced. Pray also for the many missing children, and for the care of orphans and disabled children.

Pray for Pastor Andrew who fled from Mariupol. He saw and heard so much that he finds it very difficult to cope with life. As he helps in a church plant in Lviv, may God renew his strength and bring peace to his heart. He is providing counselling for those in need.

Don’t stop praying. Ukraine needs our prayers – now more than ever. Pray that in the chaos of war, God’s people will be found faithful, and that the ‘gates of hell’ will be stormed, as believers share the message of Christ and have the joy of leading many into the everlasting security of peace with God.