Phoebe Projects


Mary’s House



Preventis is a Christian non-profit organisation founded in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2005.


Hospice Emanuel

Hospice Emanuel is a charitable organisation that provides specialised palliative care services to those who have been diagnosed with advanced cancer.


Grace Shelter

The discovery of three frightened boys sleeping rough in an abandoned car was an answer to prayer for Grace Baptist Church, Odessa.

Further Phoebe Projects

Social Kitchen

This social kitchen project is run from a church building and targets Roma people and others who need help. Warm lunches are provided every day and breakfast packages for all the children who go to school in the neighbouring villages. Disabled people receive their food at home with the support of volunteers.

Bohuslava Havrilova

For a number of years Boba has served a Roma community in Vítkovce, Slovakia. She seeks to evangelize the whole community but has a particular ministry among the women and children. She teaches the women about health and hygiene, supports the children in their schoolwork, and organizes a Sunday school and summer camps. She has had the recent encouragement of being able to visit other Roma villages in the locality.

Marina Tsapcova

Marina originates from Moldova but serves as a missionary to the Khakas people of central Russia. She works primarily with children and young people: running regular meetings and organizing summer camps. She also trains Sunday school teachers and prepares online evangelism courses for children. Marina is a graduate of the SGA Mission School in Bălți.

Preventis & Casa Filip

Violeta Faragau lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In 2005 she helped start the ‘Preventis’ ministry which helps vulnerable children and offers counselling to those who are at risk of addiction.

More recently she founded ‘Casa Filip’ (Filip’s House), a place to stay for the relatives of patients undergoing cancer treatment in Cluj. Casa Filip is named after her husband who died of cancer.