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Outgrowing a building!

God has wonderfully provided a property in an excellent location.

We are always delighted when we receive reports that a church plant has outgrown the building being used for worship.

The following account is from SGA’s Project70 missionary Yuri Leschenko, explaining the steady growth in his pioneering ministry in East Ukraine.

‘Our church had started to develop in 2015, when there were many war refugees (internally displaced people, IDP) at Bahmut, and God touched my heart to help those people with food parcels. Thus, my conversations with them led to starting a house Bible study group. Those IDP started to invite local people and by the year 2017 the group grew to such an extent that we had to look for a hall for our meetings.

We were renting a flat where we could hold the Sunday worship meetings, and other meetings – Sunday School, youth and small Bible study groups, personal meetings and holiday celebrations, etc. That place became too small to gather the whole church at once, but we continued to meet there for the last 3 ½ years. In March 2021 we were asked to leave the place.’

This development brought an urgency to Yuri and his team to find an appropriate building. With around 30 people regularly meeting for worship and 15-20 young people attending, a suitable facility was urgently required. 

God has wonderfully provided a property in an excellent location. When renovated, it is believed that this building will provide opportunities to focus more on evangelism, as well as being a great asset for normal church activities.

With a purchase cost of £16,000, the church plant was unable to fully fund it, so SGA through your generous support was thrilled to help provide for the purchase. Now the team is preparing the building and will soon open it to the glory of God! 

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