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Necessary Transport!

Owning a vehicle may open new ways of further enhancing of the Bible Literature Ministry in N. Macedonia.

For many years SGA has partnered with Dr Ivan Grozdanov as he serves God in North Macedonia. God has used this gifted brother to produce some of the most relevant Christian material in his native language.

He has also translated a number of titles into Macedonian. His literature, which has a strong evangelistic emphasis, has impacted many across the country.

Recently Ivan, who directs The Rainbow Bible Centre in Skopje, requested financial help to purchase a vehicle to transport literature. We were delighted to be able to help, thanks to our many partners in the UK and Ireland.

This is how Ivan explains a little about the literature ministry and expresses his gratitude for the help given to provide a vehicle.

‘On behalf of the Bible Centre and its Bookshop “Revelation” I would like to express a deep gratitude to SGA for the donation towards purchasing a vehicle to be used in literature ministries in N. Macedonia.

The Rainbow Bible Centre and its commercial Bookshop Revelation have been involved in a very significant Bible Literature Ministry in N. Macedonia for the past 20+ years. For all of this period the Bible Centre never owned a vehicle, but, instead, the enthusiastic members of the Bible Centre used their own private vehicles as a necessary logistical support to these ministries.

The newly purchased vehicle will be used mainly for transportation of Bible Literature. The Revelation bookshop receives almost daily orders for Christian books and these need to be taken to the Cargo Centre at the outskirts of the city of Skopje in order to be mailed to customers.

Ivan with the new Bible Centre Vehicle

For the past seven months of this year over 500 books and additional 450 booklets were shipped to customers across the country.

In addition, The Bible Centre often participates at various Book Fairs held in Skopje, and that means taking hundreds of books and other items to the Book Fair premises and then back to our Storage place.

Also, at this moment, the Bible Centre has two additional Regional Distribution Centres in N. Macedonia (Strumitsa and in Prilep) and possibly some more in the near future and the vehicle will be used to deliver books to these places as needed.

Meanwhile we are working on establishing partnerships with Bible Literature Ministries with similar organizations in the region and trips will need to be made to Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, and Croatia. The vehicle will certainly make these trips easier!

Owning a vehicle may open new ways of further enhancing of the Bible Literature Ministry in N. Macedonia. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.’

Pray for Ivan as he seeks to develop this vital ministry. We trust that N Macedonia will be greatly impacted through this vital ministry.