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Landslide Brings Devastation!

18 houses were destroyed leaving 25 families and up to 100 children affected. These now require urgent help to survive.
Last week, heavy rains triggered a landslide in Pamir, Tajikistan, with a huge avalanche of debris and mud falling into the valley bringing with it devastation and destruction. Two days previously a mission team trip had visited the area and sent the following report.

‘Our hearts are still overwhelmed as we remember how happy the people of Pamir were about our visit. It seemed as if they had been expecting us. They had invited us into their homes, given us hospitality despite great poverty, and they had wanted to hear more and more of the Gospel…. and now this catastrophe!

Thankfully, the landslide happened during daylight so that people were not sleeping and were able to get to safety. However, 18 houses were destroyed leaving 25 families and up to 100 children affected. These now require urgent help to survive.  

The greatest need is to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of SGA’s Project70 missionaries is serving the Lord in the Pamir villages. Others are assisting him, and mission teams are seeking to share the Gospel with this unreached region. It is our prayer and desire that an evangelical church will be planted in Pamir. God is able! 

We trust that believers will be able to demonstrate the love of Christ and, through practical Christianity, witness to God’s amazing saving grace! Through your faithful generous giving SGA has been able to provide funding for the following immediate needs:

  • Food
  • Clothing, blankets, and household goods
  • Building materials for reconstruction
  • Financial support

The rescue work at an altitude of more than 8,000 feet is difficult. Those who have lost their homes, or have badly damaged property, will need everything replaced. 

Pray for the people in this unreached area who are so open to the Gospel but do not dare take the final step to Jesus for fear of persecution in their Islamic-dominated country.

May the power of the Gospel shine through all who seek to bring comfort, and to help rebuild houses for this community! 

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