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Nearly 2,000 years after the ascension of Christ and the original commission to the Church, there are still large parts of the world that have no access to the Gospel.
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One such area is Pamir in East Tajikistan. A stunningly beautiful region, but because of its mountain peaks, parts of it are almost unreachable except for a few summer months of the year. Its people, while Muslim, have their distinctive customs, traditions and dialects, and tragically, it is believed they have had no contact until recently with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Challenged by the great commission of our Lord, Bibel Mission and SGA are working in partnership to change that and to bring the Gospel into Pamir.

Mission trips by other believers and churches in Tajikistan have already begun, an example of which is the ministry of an SGA Project 70 sponsored missionary. For 3 years, he has been ministering in a regional capital, seeking to plant the first church in this strategic location.

He reports that “two people have believed, and ten people are seeking and open to the Gospel.”He reports that he is also ministering in eight surrounding mountain villages, where he has 20 families who are open to the Gospel.

While we are thankful to God for these openings, his experiences prove what was known all along, that Gospel outreach into the spiritually dark region of Pamir will be difficult and will require godly wisdom and sensitivity.

Barriers of suspicion and antagonism will have to be dismantled, and SGA’s partners will have to be guided and directed by God in their approach and activity.

Hope Centres

One invaluable tool in their long-term strategy will be the building of ‘Hope Centres‘ where there are impoverished and vulnerable communities.

This method has proved to be an effective means of bridge-building and evangelism throughout Central Asia. SGA’s ‘Hope Centres’ Project supports this invaluable ministry, and with God’s help, the construction of the first one in Pamir will take place this summer.

A site has been given, most of the materials have been transported, and the building team is ready to go!

Hope Centre, C. Asia
Meal Time

Hope Centres provide support for individuals and families in need – food, hygiene facilities, and even basic education for children. They serve as ‘safe places’ for some who are escaping abusive and violent circumstances. The Gospel of true hope is shared in word and deed, and God is blessing believers’ efforts. Many have come to faith and some small churches established.

A thrilling development took place recently concerning a man, Iske (not his real name), from a small Pamir community of about 1500 Arabs. Upon hearing about Jesus Christ, he pleaded with the leaders of a church, to take the Gospel to his home region, some 20 hours away over poor, difficult roads. Another SGA Project 70-sponsored missionary, with some others, went to Iske’s home, where he gathered relatives and friends to hear the wonderful truths of the Gospel. 

‘All of them listened with great attention and asked questions. Right there, his mother prayed to Christ for salvation. Iske said: “I want my house to become a House of Prayer for all nations!”

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  • Praise God the Gospel is on the march in Pamir!
  • Please pray for God’s blessing on this new and exciting initiative.


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