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Help to Hope!

The Poland Evangelical Christian Church continues to take care of large numbers of Ukrainian refugees.
Recently, 26 local pastors who work with refugees met together to exchange some experiences and find an answer as to how they can move from HELP to HOPE in their efforts.

They have decided to continue with material help as long as it is needed, but to do so wisely and be in contact with other local organizations, sharing information with each other. However, they do want to move forward with long-term provision for refugees.

The following is the plan that the Poland Evangelical Christian Church has put in place:

• Create Ukrainian Community Centres in churches for their comfort and security
• Create an internet platform with different levels of information for different groups (needy people, voluntary workers, coordinators, supporters etc.)
• Help young people and children to participate in Christian summer camps, and help churches to organize summer day camps for both Ukrainian and Polish children
• Print Ukrainian supplements for Polish church magazines and church bulletins
• Help local churches to buy equipment for simultaneous translation of church services
• Support Ukrainian pastors and leaders so that they will be able to serve as regional Ukrainian pastors in Poland.

We are grateful for finances and material support received so far, which has made this work possible.

SGA has been able to help fund the relief work that the Poland Evangelical Christian Church has put in place. However, the leadership has made a passionate plea for more financial help 

 ‘I kindly ask you to consider some more involvement in this project called FROM HELP TO HOPE.’

We are delighted to inform you that we have responded by sending more funds.

Pray that during July and August the summer activities will be greatly blessed by God.