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Central Eastern Europe

43.6 million


Orthodox 73%
Non-religious 24%
Islam 2.1%
Evangelicals 0-3.6% [some areas have little evangelical witness]

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

(source: Joshua Project & Operation World)


Borders with seven countries: Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Black Sea.

Spiritual Needs

The Orthodox Church has a strong grip on politics and people’s lives. Its traditions are finely woven into the fabric of society. To leave the “Orthodox Church Culture” and become an evangelical Bible believer is difficult on many levels. Living as a believer and expanding the Gospel in such harsh political and religious political conditions is exhausting work. However, believers are legally free to worship.

The invasion of the eastern sector has left the whole nation feeling uncertain and insecure about the future.  The conflict zone in the east has witnessed evangelicals receive harsh treatment.  They are often considered as a ‘western cult’ by those who are ‘separatists’.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: SGA mission schools have operated in the west of the country and currently do so in the Irpen Church Planting School, close to Kiev.

Odessa Seminary is partially funded by SGA.

Sponsoring Leaders: SGA is supporting 24 missionary pastors.

Christian Literature: Books have been translated and published.

The Children’s Illustrated Bible has now had 300,000 copies published. The plan is to reach four million children in Ukraine with the Action Bible New Testament.

Crisis Response:

Widows’ Project provides for many needy vulnerable people in society.  Over the years thousands of widows have received vital provisions such as food, heating fuel, medicines, etc. This practical ministry has helped to encourage believers and reach non-believers with the Gospel.

Grace Shelter (orphanage) was opened in June 2000 with 21 children. Today around 60 children are loved and cared for within 3 family groups.

Transition House provides accommodation for those orphans who, at age 18 must leave the orphanage.  In 2018 Transition House was opened offering a place where up to 60 young adults can live semi-independently under supervision. Both Grace Shelter and the Transition House are part of SGA’s Phoebe Project where you can find more information.

Humanitarian Aid has been provided for thousands of people who are suffering destruction, devastation and even death in the ‘war zone’ of east Ukraine.  Aid provided has included electric heaters, terminal clothing, small cookers, food packages, and other life essentials.

The establishment of a bakery run by Christian workers, was a wonderful provision from the Lord. People receive fresh bread, free for those who cannot afford it, and they hear the Gospel message.

Medical Evangelism Ministry   SGA-funded medical teams provide patients with health care which is too expensive for many to access.  This is offered through rural clinics which are set up in a church or culture hall.  Medication is also financed by the Mission.

Church Buildings: SGA has helped fund the renovation of old buildings in several locations. These provide essential accommodation in which believers can worship.

Transportation: This has been a significant blessing to missionaries who have received funds to replace old cars with newer vehicles, to help them fulfil their Gospel ministry.

Prayer Needs


  • For God’s overruling in the political instability, that God will intervene, and that there will be lasting peace. The conflict affects believers and churches.
  • That evangelical churches in the conflict zone will experience growth and encouragement.
  • For the Bible teaching and for the church planting initiatives [SGA’s 24 sponsored missionaries] to move forward and be blessed by God.
  • For the Evangelical Bible Seminary in Odessa – it has a goal of planting 25 new churches in the next 5 years.
  • That children and young people living in Grace Shelter and the Transition House will come to faith in Christ and live for His glory.
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