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Central Asia

6 million


94.1 Islam
0.11% Evangelical

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

Source: Joshua Project


Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, with the Caspian Sea to the East.

Spiritual Needs

Turkmenistan claims to have freedom of religion, but persecution of believers is common.

Only approved activity in approved locations by approved religious communities is allowed. Unregistered religious activity is banned, and punishable with heavy fines or even prison. Christian material is restricted.

Believers from a Muslim background experience strong pressure from families, friends, and villagers to deny their faith.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: Believers called into full-time ministry can have theological training through Almaty Bible Institute or the Independent Bible Correspondence School [Christian education by extension].

Christian Radio : SGA is providing funds for radio sets and pre-programmed SD cards which are being distributed to isolated Christians and interested non-believers.

Funding for radio programmes is an essential means of providing Biblical teaching and introduction to Christianity, as well as encouragement for persecuted believers.

Prayer Needs


  • That a new generation of faithful Gospel centred leaders will be discipled.
  • That some will be able to receive Bible training through Almaty Bible Institute or online through Independent Bible Correspondence School.
  • For strength for pastors facing pressure from the government and local authorities.
  • That many people would listen to Christian radio programmes and receive Christ as Saviour.
  • For openings for believers to show their love and care, and freedom to witness for Christ.
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