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Eastern Europe

5.45 million


Roman Catholic 70%
Lutheran 7%
Greek Catholic 4%
Reformed 2%
Orthodox 1%
Evangelical 0.5%
(Other 15%)

People Groups

(source: Joshua Project)

Unreached People Groups

Bordering with five countries: Poland in the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south and both Austria and the Czech Republic on its western borders. This land-locked country has some amazing scenery. There are lakes, forests, and stunning mountains.

Spiritual Needs

Membership with the EU has provided economic opportunities which have resulted in a higher standard of living for many. However, this has had an adverse effect on evangelical commitment. Praise God that among the Roma communities, which make up 10% of Slovakia’s population, there are reports of many being converted to Christ.

SGA's Involvement

Children’s Ministry: SGA helps fund leaders’ training for the residential ‘Opal Camp’ in Hermonovce, East Slovakia.

Bohuslava Havrilova has been serving in a Roma community in Vítkovce, East Slovakia. Her ministry mainly focuses on women and children. She teaches the women about health and hygiene, supports the children in their schoolwork, and organizes a Sunday school and summer camps.

Sponsoring Leaders: Irvin Mickleman, Marek Tomasovic, Noah Johnson, Nick Nagypal, Tomas Henzel and Gabriel Gadjos.

Prayer Needs


  • For Bohuslava. Her ministry and commitment to Roma people in Eastern Slovakia is invaluable.
  • For Hermanovce Opal Camp which is adjacent to the evangelical church. This campsite is a wonderful means to reach children and young people with the Gospel and disciple those who have come to faith in Christ.
  • For church planting opportunities for those sponsored through SGA.
  • That believers will keep focused on Gospel advancement in what can be a difficult, hostile environment.
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