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7.186 million


Orthodox 84.59%
Catholics 4.97%
Muslim 3.1%
Atheist-agnostic-oriental etc 7.24%
Evangelical 0.1%

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

Serbia is land-locked  and borders with eight countries. There are mountains to the south and a vast plain in the north. Summer temperatures can reach 50°c. Serbia is still the friend of Russia.

Spiritual Needs

The main reason why it is difficult to share the Gospel with Serbs is their identification of religion and nationality. For them to be Serb means to be Orthodox, and vice versa. Sadly, most believe in their religion not God. There are historical problems which westerners do not appreciate, because all the elements of Serbian religious, cultural, and national identity have their roots in Kosovan territory, going back centuries. Added to this is the complex issue of the recent Balkans war at the end of the last century. Paul’s description of the ‘Gospel of peace’ seems especially poignant and necessary for Serbia. This land has never experienced a spiritual revival.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: SGA has organized numerous mission schools in Vrsac, Pancevo, Nis and Belgrade. Plans are in place for a new school in Cantavir near the Hungarian border.

Crisis Response: SGA is in partnership with Bread of Life (BOL), a humanitarian mission commenced in 1992 shortly after the outbreak of the Balkans war to meet the needs of refugees arriving in the capital Belgrade. SGA’s involvement stretches back to the beginning of this ministry. Today the main focus is on providing for two vulnerable groups of people, the elderly and children.   Widows are provided for through BOL and church leaders. Substantial funds have been sent to support flood victims over the years.

Church Buildings: SGA has helped fund new buildings and the renovation of old ones in several locations.

Children’s Ministry: Tekeris Campsite, directed by Bread of Life team is a wonderful facility for summer camps for children, families, young people and senior citizens.

Christian Literature: This is a pressing need as there are few biblically sound theological books in the Serbian language. Translated books include Bruce Milne’s ‘Know the Truth’, John Stott’s ‘The Book of Acts’, and Graeme Goldsworthy’s ‘According to God’s Plan’, the latter being the first book on ‘Biblical Theology’ ever printed in Serbian. John Stott’s classic ‘The Cross of Christ’ is an ongoing project.

Sponsoring Leaders: Dragan Finovic, Nenad Kralaji, Avram Dega, Dane Vidovic, Zivko Jorgacevic

Prayer Needs


  • That Christians will appreciate the importance of reading good Christian literature.
  • For SGA-supported friends Dane and Melita Vidovic and Zivko Jorgacevic, who are responsible for the translation and publication of literature.
  • For the Bread of Life team as they reach out to the vulnerable and share the Good News of the Gospel.
  • That nationals will come to believe in Jesus and not in their religion as a way to heaven.
  • Praise God that copies of Stott’s ‘The Book of Acts’ are now available in Croatia.
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