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Central Eastern Europe

19 million


Orthodox 87%
Roman Catholic 4.6%
Evangelicals 0-6.3% [some regions have very little evangelical presence]

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

[Joshua Project & Operation World]


Borders with five countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, and Black Sea.

Spiritual Needs

As Romania made the transition from being a communist country to becoming a member of the EU, some things improved, but the country has been opened up to distractions and the western consumer mindset. The Orthodox church is strong and persuasive, trying to prevent evangelicals from moving forward with the Gospel. Many lives are in darkness and people do not have a real relationship with Christ.

While parts of Transylvania [north west Romana] have a very strong evangelical presence as a result of a spiritual awaking in the 1970s, other regions are described as ‘heathen’ with deep-rooted spiritual darkness.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: In the 1970s/80s SGA personnel were teaching gifted Christians secretly in the mountains and forests.  This was the beginning of an extensive teaching programme which eventually led to the mission school curriculum being offered in at least ten locations across the country.  This is now an established ministry with more opportunities opening in new areas.

Financial support and student grants are offered annually to Emanuel University.

Sponsoring Leaders: SGA is supporting 14 missionary pastors.

Christian Literature: Ben Faragau, based in Cluj, continues to produce OT and NT alongside other important topical material.  Thirty-eight commentaries have been produced to date. SGA partners with the Facila Christian Publishing House, of which Dinu Moga is Director.  Approximately twenty important books have been published through this partnership, many used as textbooks and designated as compulsory reading for students at Emanuel University.

Crisis Response: Widows’ Project provides for many needy vulnerable people in society.  Over the years thousands of widows have received vital provisions such as food, heating fuel, medicines, etc. This practical Christian ministry has helped to encourage believers and reach non-believers with the Gospel.

The Preventis organization helps vulnerable children and young people, and offers counselling to those who are at risk of addiction.  This is supported through the Phoebe Project, which offers more information about this ministry.

Emanuel Hospice, directed by Marinela Rotariu, offers palliative care and spiritual counselling for families and patients.  This ministry is also funded through Phoebe Project where you can read more.

Transportation: This has been a significant blessing to missionaries who have received funds to replace old cars with newer vehicles, to help them fulfil their Gospel ministry.

Church Buildings: SGA has helped finance many new buildings or the renovation of old ones in several locations. These provide essential accommodation in which believers worship.  In an Orthodox context it is considered vital to have a building dedicated for worship, if Gospel progress is to be made.

Christian Radio: Romanian ‘Voice of the Gospel’ is directed by Daniel Burtic with whom SGA has partnered for many years.  Its twenty-four stations are making a great impact across the country through a variety of broadcasts.

Prayer Needs


  • For the mission school training and the work carried out at Emanuel University.  May graduates and SGA sponsored missionaries be greatly used by the Lord.  It is crucial that strong biblical foundations are built and strengthened, especially in this age of secularism.
  • That Ben Faragau and Dinu Moga will both know the Lord’s leading as they decide on material to be written or translated.  Pray that Romanians and the large diaspora will be well instructed through this material.
  • That widows, young people with addictions, and those suffering from cancer will experience the love of God through believers who minister to them.
  • That, in light of materialistic values from the west and their damaging effect on people’s priorities, there will be a deeper spirituality in the hearts of those who love God, especially in the younger generations.
  • That God will bless Roma communities spiritually and materially, and that national believers will have a deeper heart to work and reach out to them.
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