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Northern Europe

38.5 million


Roman Catholic 90%
Atheist 6%
Eastern Orthodoxy 1%
Protestant 0.31%
Evangelicals 0.1%

People Groups

[source: Joshua Project]

Unreached People Groups

This former communist country borders with no less than seven countries. Starting with the Baltic Sea to the north, then clockwise we have a satellite state of Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany. It is a beautiful country with lakes, mountains to the south, and vast forests. In fact, Białowieża forest, which it shares with Belarus, is about 80,000 sqkm. An inexperienced hiker can be lost for days!

Spiritual Needs

Poland is staunchly Roman Catholic with between 50-60% of its citizens attending mass on Sundays. It is difficult to reach Polish people because their mindset is one of religion closely intertwined with their nationality. To be Polish is to be Roman Catholic and visa vera. Evangelicals are regarded as a sect.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: SGA has been involved in teaching for several decades in different locations. In recent years, from 2011 to the present, SGA’s teaching programme has been based in a Christian Conference Centre at Ruptawa, situated in the SW near the Slovakian border. The directors of the Mission School, Andrzej Karzalek and Tomasz Chylka are enthusiastic partners in mission.

Crisis Response: Widows are provided for through SGA’s Widows’ Project. 

Church Buildings: SGA seeks to respond positively to requests for Houses of Prayer funding.

Sponsoring Leaders: Sylwester Torbiczuk, Andrzej Karzalek, Cezary Komisarz, Daniel Kryston, Jacek Duda and Tomasz Chylka.

Transportation: This has been a huge blessing to missionaries who have received funds to replace old worn-out cars with newer vehicles to help them fulfil their Gospel ministry.

Christian Radio: Polish ‘Voice of the Gospel’ is directed by Henryk Dedo with whom SGA has partnered for many years.  The radio programmes reach people in all walks of society, even in prison cells!

Prayer Needs
  • Remember in prayer ‘The Voice of the Gospel’. It broadcasts throughout Poland and further afield. Presentations include interviews and documentaries. The organization runs camps, reaches schools with drug prevention programmes, and has an extensive prison ministry.
  • The Mission School had been a great blessing for many years. The Ruptawa Mission School has trained around 90 students for Christian service.
  • Pray that this predominately Roman Catholic country will be reached with the Gospel. It is reported that more than 200 counties have no evangelical church.
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