country profile

North Macedonia


2 million


Orthodox 62%
Islam 34%
Evangelicals: 0.2%
(source: Joshua Project)

People Groups

The ethnic structure of this south Slavic nation is made up of mainly Macedonians, then Albanians, Roma, Greeks, Serbs and Bosnians, with a few others.

Unreached People Groups

Bordering with Albania, Kosova, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, this rugged landlocked country is surrounded by mountainous regions.

Spiritual Needs

The spiritual condition of the country is at a very low ebb. In recent years, evangelical churches have been repeatedly attacked and discriminated against in the media, regarded as sects and disloyal citizens of Macedonia. There is a real spiritual darkness in the land. Many people do not know what the Bible is.  Few own one or read it. As with other countries where Orthodoxy is strong, many are relying on their religion to get them to heaven. However, through various social media platforms these mindsets are being challenged by gifted evangelicals.

SGA's Involvement

Sponsoring Leaders:

  • Ivan Grozdanov is a pastor/writer in Skopje.
  • Aco Mitev is a pastor in Bitola
  • Dimitar Janevski is a church planter in Sturmica
  • Borche Kimoski is church planting in Prilep

Christian Literature: SGA supported Ivan Grozdanov when he was involved in evangelism in the ‘Former Yugoslavia’. From that time at least 70 Christian titles plus the New Testament have been published by him, as well as Bible Study courses and other materials. He has published a series of twelve evangelistic books entitled ‘Coming to Know the Truth’, for individuals and study groups.  The Revelation Christian Book Shop is strategically placed in Skopje for university students. 

Church Buildings: Funding provided for Houses of Prayer in Skopje and Bitola.

Crisis Response: Support for widows.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for Revelation Christian book shop in Skopje, and for an interest among students.
  • The church fellowship in Bitola is refurbishing an old building as a place of worship. Having a church building in an Orthodox setting is vital as evangelicals are viewed with suspicion, especially when they meet in private homes.
  • Pray that the church in Sturmica will be strengthened and grow.
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