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East Asia

3.225 million (About 50% of the people live in the capital Ulaanbaatar)


Buddhism 55%
Other 38.2%
Islam 3%
Shamanism 2.9%
Evangelical 0.9%

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

Mongolia is landlocked. It shares borders with Russia to the north, and China which sweeps around its western, southern, and eastern borders. Mongolia does not share a border with its western neighbour Kazakhstan, though the two countries are very close and are separated by only 23miles of Chinese territory! Mongolia is situated mostly between latitudes 42 degrees south and 52 degrees in the north. This means that London is on a similar latitude to its northern border. The capital Ulaanbaatar is 8hrs ahead of London GMT.

Today, in Mongolia there are as many horses as people, and sheep outnumber people by nearly 5 to 1!

Spiritual Needs

The country is probably most famous for its arid Gobi Desert, which reflects the spiritual condition of the country for most of its history. When the Russians left in 1990, Mongolia became a “clean slate”.  There was no established church, only a handful of Christians – some say as few as four. However, during the past 30 years Christian missions have had the opportunity to send teachers, doctors, and other gifted people, who have helped advance the Gospel.  It is reported that there are now several hundred churches, many of which are small and struggling through lack of strong leadership.

SGA's Involvement

Christian Literature: Preparation and distribution of God’s Word to both adults and children

Crisis Response: The erection of Hope Centres to minister to children and families.

Biblical Training: Provision of special training for church leaders.

Church Buildings: Funding the erection of Houses of Prayer.

Prayer Needs


  • That God’s Word which is available to the Mongolian people will be offered to many more.
  • That Hope Centres will be a method of bringing much needed help to children/families and prove to be an effective means of ‘bridge building’ evangelism.
  • That strong biblical leadership will be established through special training offered.
  • For plans to help fund Houses of Prayer.
  • That SGA’s plans to support and serve the churches will soon be realised
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