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Central Eastern Europe

3.1 million


Orthodox 83.6%
Catholic 3.6%
Islam 3.7%
Evangelicals 0-5.4% [some areas have no evangelical witness]

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

[Joshua Project & Operation World]


Borders with two countries: Ukraine, Romania.

Spiritual Needs

The influence of the Orthodox church makes Gospel work difficult in Moldova. Orthdoxy is part of Moldovan culture and often reaches into the political realm, especially at a local level.

Church planting and Gospel work can take many years because of the fear instilled into Orthodox adherents and the strong influence of the Church on them. This is especially true in villages and discourages any leanings towards evangelicals and Gospel-based mission.

Moldova is reported to be the poorest country economically in Europe, and experiences some of the harshest living conditions and wages. Many of Moldova’s population remain in darkness and under bondage to the Orthodox church. All this makes Moldova one of the neediest places socially and spiritually.

Training leaders and church planting are among its greatest needs.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: Gifted Christian workers recommended by the local churches are given the opportunity to undertake a course of study in Balti Mission School.  The course is designed to equip them for a lifetime of Christian service in a range of ministries – pastoral ministry, church planting, youth ministry, work among drug addicts, orphans and widows etc.  Mission School students receive financial grants to help fund their studies.

Sponsoring Leaders: SGA is supporting 25 missionary pastors.

Christian Literature: Books, theological textbooks, and Bible commentaries by good conservative scholars are provided for the mission school students.

Crisis Response: SGA’s Widows’ Project provides for many needy vulnerable people in society.  Over the years thousands of widows have received vital provisions such as food, heating fuel, medicines, etc. This practical Christian ministry has helped to encourage believers and to reach non-believers with the Gospel.

Medical Evangelism Ministry. SGA-funded medical teams provide patients with health care which is too expensive for many to access.  This is offered through rural clinics which are set up in a church or culture hall.  Medication is also financed by the Mission.

Church Buildings: SGA has helped finance thirty new buildings or building renovations in several locations. These provide essential accommodation in which believers worship.  In an Orthodox context it is considered vital to have a building dedicated for worship, if Gospel progress is to be made.

Transportation: This has been a huge blessing to missionaries who have received funds to replace old cars with newer vehicles to help them fulfil their Gospel ministry.   In addition, the supply of motorbikes has proved to be a great blessing for church planters and missionary pastors in reaching needy areas as efficiently as possible. To date sixty-two motorbikes have been provided.

Children’s Ministry: Camp ministry is a large part of church outreach in Moldova – bringing both physical and spiritual blessing to campers. SGA has helped fund the purchase and running costs of a campsite close to Balti. Every summer approx 2000 children, young people, and senior citizens are blessed through this ministry.

Day Camps are proving to very effective in reaching village children with the Gospel.  SGA-sponsored missionaries encourage this ministry and SGA help to finance it.

Prayer Needs


  • That a new generation of church planters and Christian leaders will be well instructed through the mission school.
  • For SGA-sponsored missionaries who are seeking to plant churches and revive some existing ones.
  • That the Medical Teams will have enough resources to continue their invaluable work of providing essential care and at the same time sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • That residential and day camps will be used by God to bring young people to faith in Christ and that families in turn will be touched by God’s Word.
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