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Central Asia

6.5 million


Islam 93%
Christian adherent 4.3%
Evangelicals 0.33%

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

71.8% of the total population
[Source: Joshua Project]


Borders with four countries: China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.

Spiritual Needs

Kyrgyzstan’s needs are complex and often underestimated. A mixture of poor government and difficult terrain has resulted in widespread poverty and unemployment. Nearly 20% earn less than £2.30 per day.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, a traditional blend of folk religion and Islam emerged. This has quickly been replaced as outside influences press for a more “pure” form of Islam. The result is monitoring and persecution of Christians. There have been instances of church buildings being burned.

Beyond the cities and large towns, rural areas are quite difficult to reach, resulting in very few having opportunity to hear the Gospel. The provision of basic material needs such as water, food, and sanitation, go hand in hand with the urgent need to spread the Gospel.

In 1990 there were only 45 known evangelical congregations.  By 2010 there were 300, not including underground house churches.  However, many of these would be extremely small.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: The indigenous believers are offered Bible teaching through Almaty Bible Institute and the Independent Bible Correspondence School [Christian education by extension]. Many students who attend Almaty Bible Institute receive grants.

Christian Literature: The availability of the Kyrgyz Bible in a trusted translation is a pressing need.

Evangelism: 1-10 Evangelism Project whereby one believer is encouraged to reach ten non-believers with the Gospel through literature packs.

Christian Radio: SGA is providing funds for radio sets and pre-programmed SD cards which are being distributed to isolated Christians and interested non-believers.

Funding for two radio programmes in the Kyrgyz language will bring comfort and strength to persecuted believers and the Good News of the Gospel to non-believers.

Transport: The providision of good second-hand vehicles greatly helps to spread the Gospel.

Prayer Needs


  • That a new generation of faithful Gospel focussed leaders will be well instructed through ABI and the IBCS.
  • That the need for God’s Word will be met and be available for all.
  • That 1-10 evangelism will be effective as literature packs are distributed by believers to their neighbours, and for hearts to be receptive.
  • For more evangelists and church planters who will faithfully serve the Lord and by God’s enabling plant more churches.
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