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Central Europe

9.66 million


Roman Catholic 49%
Protestant 17%
Secularists/Atheists 19%
Evangelical 1%

People Groups
Unreached People Groups

Hungary borders seven countries: This land locked country is home to the famous River Danube which originates in Germany and cuts through the country as it flows south to Belgrade, Serbia.

Spiritual Needs

Hungary was greatly blessed and influenced by the Reformation. The city of Debrecen was once known as the Geneva of the East. Today Roman Catholicism is dominant. By and large the nation has lost touch with the Gospel and has turned to materialism to meet its needs. However, the government has introduced religious education in schools and this offers evangelicals the opportunity to teach the Bible.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: SGA mission schools have operated in Bicske and Szeged.

Sponsoring Leaders: Support is offered to Tomas Lorincz, Mark Sipos and Donat Ficsor.

Christian Literature: Biblical Theology, topical material and youth/children’s material have been funded by SGA.

Crisis Response: Provision is made through SGA’s Phoebe Project for a small facility at Ogorvany where pregnant mothers can come for accommodation and counselling, encouraging them to give birth rather than opting for abortion.  Those who have given birth but find themselves without a husband/father can also be accommodated. Renáta Ficsor is responsible for this wonderful ministry.

Good News Foundation: Donat Ficsor in Ogorvany and his team of helpers support underprivileged families (including Roma) through education and practical help.  There is also opportunity to publish and distribute a new ‘Creation Magazine’ to churches, universities, schools, and libraries.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for Donat Ficsor and his team of helpers as they seek to impact many with the Gospel. Remember Renáta as she leads the work at the mother/pregnancy facility.
  • Pray for Pastor Mark Sipos and members of New Hope Church in Szeged, who seek to reach out into local villages, and for the new house group located in Mark’s home in Morahalom, where they hope to plant a church.
  • Remember evangelical believers who have an opportunity to teach Biblical truths in schools.
  • Pray that the nation of Hungary will experience an outpouring of God’s Sprit in revival blessing.
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