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Far East Russia (F.E.R.)

Far East Russia

6.3 million (population density only 1 person per sq km).


Russian Orthodox 27.4%
Buddhism 3.3%
Islam 0.7%
Shamanism 2.2%
spiritual but not religious 27%
Atheism 23.5%
Evangelicals 3000 [0.0005%]

People Groups
11 districts

40% Russian: remainder are ethnic minorities – Ukrainians, Tatars, Koreans, Jews, Yakuts, Koryaks, Navai, Ulchi, Udege, Itelmen, Aleuts, Chvkchi, Eskimo, and many more groups.

Unreached People Groups

Accurate details unknown, due to harsh and inaccessible conditions.
[Joshua Project & FER Government]


Mongolia, China, Republic of Korea.  Maritime borders with Japan and USA. Vladivostok is the main business and commercial hub and politic centre city.

Spiritual Needs

Attempts to reach Far East Russia with the Gospel have been few and far between, due to the distances and harsh conditions. Winter can last up to nine months in some regions making transport difficult and dangerous. There has been a measure of success in some districts, but numbers are small. Evangelism and church planting are the greatest needs, as well as stamina and commitment for those who go to serve. This is a vast area, with a profound clash of cultures and religious ideologies.  Many old tribal religions are still in active darkness and conflict with western values. Many areas are still unreached with the Gospel with no believers for hundreds and often thousands of miles.

SGA's Involvement

Partners in Mission: SGA UK has teamed up with SGA in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to reach Far East Russia.

Aviation: SGA also partners with Kingdom Air Corps, an Evangelical Mission organisation training pilots and providing missionary planes to take the Gospel to the unreached.  Currently two planes are operating.  As many of the runways are primitive, training requires immense skill and patience.

Sponsoring Leaders: SGA UK presently supports 13 Missionary/Church planters in F.E.R.

Crisis Response: Funding is provided to help poor families with food and other practical needs.

Prayer Needs


  • For more evangelists, church planters, and pastors, urgently needed to cover this vast area.
  • For God’s protection and sustaining grace for the missionary families who have gone to plant churches.
  • For safe travel to isolated communities with very poor infrastructure.
  • That hearts would be open and ready to accept the Gospel.
  • For Kingdom Air Corps, as it provides planes, equipment, and training for pilots who will be able to transport missionaries to otherwise inaccessible places.  Pray for the pilots’ safety, as conditions are often difficult, and the weather unpredictable, especially during winter months.
  • That the limited number of believers will be enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel and strong in the midst of opposition.
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