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6.9 million (source: Joshua Project)


Greek-Orthodox 6 million
Islam 580,000
Evangelicals 1.9%

People Groups

There are around 35 groups of Roma people. Some have different languages. Some have similarities in language.

Unreached People Groups

Bulgaria borders five countries: Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey in the SE. The beautiful Black Sea is on its eastern border.

Spiritual Needs

The Orthodox mindset dominates, so that to be Bulgarian is to be Orthodox. The union of state and church is deeply engrained in their culture. Therefore the need for the Gospel is great, especially when you add the ethnic barriers between nationals and Roma people. It has been remarked that evangelical churches’ growth is largely among the Roma people.

SGA's Involvement

Biblical Training: The mission school is based at Velingrad Congregational Church’s conference centre.

Sponsoring Leaders: Delcho Atasanov, Stojan Slavchev, Stefan Zarevi, Veselin Krustev.

Camp Ministry: A residential camp site is located at Kableshkovo, 15km north of the Black Sea port of Burgas. It is owned and managed by Sliven ECC and is usually in use between May and September.
There are four types of camp, each usually lasting one week: for children, youth, pensioners, and families.

Widows are provided for through the SGA Widows’ Project.

Church Buildings are offered funding through SGA’s Houses of Prayer project. Recent projects have been in Rakativo and Trakia.

A Social Soup Kitchen is supported through SGA’s Phoebe Project.  This ministry is providing for a Roma community in Dalgodelci village.

Prayer Needs
  • SGA sponsored missionary/pastor Stojan Slavchev, Sliven ECC, has approx. 32 daughter churches. Many are in Roma communities.
  • In recent times more Roma people have been attending the Biblical Training course – pray that they will be consistent and that SGA teachers will be able to deal with people of different academic abilities.
  • The many residential camps provide wonderful opportunities for sharing Christ and offering Some local residences in more affluent areas are unhappy with the camp location.
  • Pray that national evangelicals will be able to accept Roma converts with all their cultural and social differences.
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