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Bosnia & Herzegovina


3.3 million


Islam 50.7%
Orthodox 30.2%
Roman Catholic 15.2%
Evangelical 0.1%

People Groups

Bosnians account for half of the population. Serbs number about 33%, and Croats 15%. There are other nationalities living there as well.
(source: Joshua Project)

Unreached People Groups

Bosnia is surrounded by three Balkan countries: Croatia envelopes its northern and western border, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the south. This young country, which was part of the former Yugoslavia, is almost completely landlocked, yet amazingly in the southwest has a small strip of land giving it a 20km coastline to the Adriatic Sea! It is a beautiful land, full of rivers, lakes, valleys, and shares the Dinaric Alps which stretch from Italy to Albania.

Spiritual Needs

This is one of the least evangelized countries.  The threat of Islam and mixture of Orthodoxy and Catholicism should not go unnoticed.

During the recent war in 1992-93, ethnic cleansing took place in this area. Thousands of people died, and many war crimes were committed. Unsurprisingly, there is still a great deal of bitterness and ethnic tension. However, the Gospel of peace is at work, calling people out of darkness and mending wounded hearts.

SGA's Involvement

Sponsoring Leaders: SGA is supporting Danko and Ljiljana Malesevic in Prejidor – they have 10 children.

For over 20yrs they have been involved in humanitarian ministries with Bread of Life (BOL Belgrade) and have also planted a church.

Prayer Needs
  • Supported by BOL, Danko Malesevic began a project in 2012 called ‘New Beginnings’, helping addicts and other needy people. Please pray that the people who come along will get their greatest NEED met, the NEED to find a ‘New Beginning’ with Christ.
  • Please pray that nationals will come to believe in Jesus and not in their religion as a means of salvation.
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