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Another Milestone!

The Graduation Service in Bethany church, Balti, was a time of worship, thanksgiving and challenge.
New student group, then Graduation, repeated every two years, has been the norm for the SGA mission school in Balti Moldova for almost thirty years.

There have been times when we wondered how long this would continue, but God is still using this school for His purposes and glory.

Another milestone was reached on 3rd December when the 14th student body graduated. With joy and thanksgiving family and friends gathered for the graduation meal, before the main service later in the evening. The fellowship was sweet and the student expressions of appreciation for the school were heart-warming.

Pastors and church leaders all expressed their joy as students from another group completed their studies.

Balti Graduation students celebrating with their wives & husbands

The Graduation Service in Bethany church, Balti, was a time of worship, thanksgiving and challenge.

Students had prepared a programme including singing and sermons, while Moldovan church leaders who helped with the teaching over the past two years due to travel restrictions in the UK, shared from God’s Word. 

Head Student receiving his diploma from Derek Maxwell

It was another milestone as 24 students received their diplomas. They now enter the harvest field where labourers are greatly needed. 

SGA’s Regional Coordinator, Peter Mihalchuik, pointed out that the older generation of faithful preachers are passing away.

‘We need those who will serve in churches. Many villages need workers. We need workers for the developing children’s ministry’.

A remarkable and regular comment made by the student body was that they had not preached before entering the school, but are now preaching due to the instruction and training they have received.

One student, Valeriy Koserik, shared:

‘Before attending the School I had the desire to preach but I didn’t have the instruments and methods to do it properly. But the school equipped me…. I continue to learn how to preach. I preach regularly and I try my best to minister in my church…. I sometimes travel to neighbouring villages [to preach].’

Will there be another student group to start in January 2022 – a 15th group?

Praise the Lord there are currently around 40 applicants – more than can be catered for in the mission school! 

Pray for those who have the responsibility of selecting candidates for the next mission school session. 

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